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Journal of Air Law and Commerce (Law Journals)

The Journal of Air Law and Commerce, a quarterly publication of the School of Law, was founded at Northwestern University in 1930 and moved to SMU in 1961. The oldest scholarly periodical in the English language devoted primarily to the legal and economic problems affecting aviation and space, it has a worldwide circulation with more than 2,300 subscribers in 54 countries. Articles by distinguished lawyers, economists, government officials, and scholars deal with domestic and international problems of the airline industry, private aviation, and space, as well as general legal topics that have a significant impact on the area of aviation. Also included are student commentaries on a variety of topical issues, casenotes on recent decisions, book reviews, and editorial comments.

Law and Business Review of the Americas (Law Journals)

Published quarterly, the Law and Business Review of the Americas (LBRA) is a peer-reviewed journal produced by the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law's International Law Review Association. Each issue includes articles authored by leading scholars and practitioners that address key legal, business, economic, political, and social developments and issues within the Western Hemisphere. Priority is given to Hemispheric and regional integration efforts within the Western Hemisphere, their implementation, their future evolvement and expansion, and their overall impact on doing business in the Americas. Additionally, student-written updates analyze recent events within the journal's geographic and thematic purview.

LBRA, which began in 1995, at the behest of the ABA Section of International Law and Practice and SMU, as the NAFTA: Law and Business Review of the Americas journal, is edited by student members of the board of editors and staff of the International Law Review Association. The Association also publishes The International Lawyer and the ABA International Section's Year in Review. LBRA also is guided and overseen by a SMU Faculty member as the professional Editor-in Chief who coordinates with the internal student Editor-in-Chief. In addition, the journal is assisted in its article solicitation and review processes by a SMU Faculty Advisory Board and distinguished Boards of ABA and external international Advisors. The journal frequently cooperates with the SMU Tower Center of International Studies, the SMU Economics and Political Science Departments, and the SMU Cox School of Business.

SMU Annual Texas Survey (Law Journals)

Published annually, the SMU Annual Texas Survey serves as a tool to legal practitioners in the development of Texas Jurisprudence. Each issue includes articles from law professors, attorneys, and judges concerning a concise presentation of the present state of Texas law.

The SMU Annual Texas Survey began in 1967 as the Annual Survey of Texas Law, an annual project of the SMU Law Review. The journal then published as an independent online publication in 2014 and has since been published under the name SMU Annual Texas Survey. All editing is done by student members of the board of editors and the staff of the SMU Law Review Association. The Association also publishes the SMU Law Review and the Journal of Air Law and Commerce.

SMU Journal of Undergraduate Research

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies, Engaged Learning and the Center for Undergraduate Research are proud to announce the development and upcoming launch of the SMU Journal of Undergraduate Research (JOUR).

This will be a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing the finest accomplishments of SMU student researchers. The JOUR will showcase the diverse and significant research and scholarship currently being done by SMU undergraduate students throughout the university.

Any inquiries as to the launch date or any other information requests related to the JoUR should be directed to Farley V. Ferrante, Managing Editor of The JOUR research at or

SMU Law Review (Law Journals)

ISSN 1066-1271

Published four times each year, the SMU Law Review reaches law schools, attorneys, and judges throughout the United States and abroad. Each issue includes articles by prominent legal scholars and practitioners dealing with significant questions of local, national, and international law. In addition, articles by students analyze recent cases, statutes, and developments in the law. The SMU Law Review also sponsors the annual SMU Corporate Counsel Symposium on current developments in corporate law. The symposium attracts corporate practitioners from throughout the United States.

The SMU Law Review began in 1947 as Texas Law and Legislation. The journal then published under the name Southwestern Law Journal in 1948 and has been published as the SMU Law Review since 1992. All editing is done by student members of the board of editors and the staff of the SMU Law Review Association. The Association also publishes the Journal of Air Law and Commerce and the SMU Annual Texas Survey.