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How do you donate to a person in need and know that your donation is helping them and not fueling destructive behavior? The problem that we are addressing the current lack of a proper method of donating to the homeless such that the person donating can feel certain that their money is going to the right cause. The service that we will be providing is a transparent donation system, much like a gift card, but with restrictions that will allow it to be redeemable only at shelters and organizations partnered with us whose services aid the homeless. This ultimately rewards the recipient with access to services that will improve their standard of living as well as the donor with confidence that their money is well spent and that they have made a difference in their community. Based on the aforementioned trends, it is clear that there is a substantial problem of homelessness in Dallas, Texas, and throughout the nation. There is a clear need for homeless people to receive help, and this card donation system is designed to provide a medium in which the money donated is certain to do good.

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