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The title for the festival – The [Untitled] Dallas Music and Arts Festival – represents the challenge for artists and audiences to create a personal context for the works presented, as well as to circumvent notions of formality surrounding the experience of cultural engagement. This festival will provide an alternative cultural experience than what is most frequently offered in Dallas. Rather than present works from within the traditions of previous generations, the festival seeks to highlight works created by living performers, composers, choreographers, and visual artists, each with his or her own understanding of contemporary American culture. And while organizational partnerships will be sought, many of the potential featured artists and performers will be students, alumni, and faculty of the Meadows School of the Arts, enabling unprecedented interaction among those within the Southern Methodist University community and the public. Following the festival, event details will be aggregated in an effort to assess critical and public reception of the presented works and discussions, as well to project the potential sustainability of similarly structured events in the future. In an era of substantial growth and development in North Texas, The [Untitled] Dallas Music and Arts Festival will both seek to meet the needs of and to set a new standard in Dallas for the accessibility and creation of contemporary art and music.

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