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Civil Engineering


This study examines the seismic response of various embedded geotechnical systems utilizing the discrete element method (DEM). Embedded geotechnical systems play a crucial role in enhancing the stability and resilience of various structures as they provide solid foundations for infrastructural elements such as buildings, bridges, and transportation networks. The behavior of various embedded systems such as tunnels, pier foundations, and wind turbine foundations is investigated when subjected to seismic loading. In the first study, the seismic response of tunnels constructed in a deposit of granular soil of depth greater than 20 m is examined. Three-dimensional discrete element method simulations were used to model the soil assembly and the tunnel lining. Soil particles were simulated as rigid spherical particles that are allowed to overlap at the contact points.

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Spring 5-11-2024

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Civil and Environmental Engineering


Usama El Shamy

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