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The death, on September 18, 1945, in Oklahoma City, of Professor George W. Curtis, removed the last of the pioneer teachers of scientific agriculture at early Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College. Professor Curtis' term of service extended over a decade-from 1883 to 1893. He was the third professor of agriculture in the history of the College (having been preceded by Carlisle P. B. Martin and Charles C. Georgeson), and second Director (1890-93) of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. With him was closely associated as first Director of the Texas Station, Frank Arthur Gulley (1851-1938), graduate (1880) of the Michigan Agricultural College. Professor Gulley came to Texas from the Mississippi Agricultural College, where for eight years he had done excellent work as the first professor of agriculture, and superintendent of the experimental farm. Gulley left Texas A. & M. College in 1890, after two years of service, in one of the periodic "clean-outs" of the College; Curtis left Texas in 1893 to enter the banking field in Louisiana. Both were men of ability and promise; neither one developed his potentialities after leaving Texas; and one here finds illustrated again the destructive effect of the isolation, scanty equipment, lack of competent assistance, and inadequate financial support, that have so often marred the careers of our imported educational leaders in the State.

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