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The present Texas Academy of Science is the third of the name: (I) "Academy of Science of Texas", founded at Austin on October 27, 1880 by S. B. Buckley and Dr. F. L. Yoakum, moved to Palestine (1882), moribund for several years, and "died" about 1886, when Yoakum moved to Tyler.' (II) "Texas Academy of Science," founded at Austin on January 8, 1892, by Edgar Everhart, G. B. Halstead, A. Macfarlane, F. W. Simonds, and T. U. Taylor; published twelve volumes of transactions (1892-1912) and then sus­ pended. (Ill) "Texas Academy of Science" (the present one), was "reorganized" in 1928, with many of the members of the Second Academy as members of the reorganized one.

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