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Prior to the printing of my paper, "A new Loco from the Edwards Plateau of Texas" (Rhodora, vol. 32, January, 1930), possibly because he had published a revision of the genus Astragalus, I began a correspondence with Marcus E. Jones. He drove from Claremont, California, in the spring of 1930, to visit me at the Experiment Station thirty miles southeast of Sonora, Texas, on the Edwards Plateau. In his Contributions to Western Botany No. 17 (September 3, 1930), Jones does not mention meeting me in Texas; but on page 21 he does mention my name in dedicating a new species of onion, and compliments me as being "an indefatigable botanist." After I had made his personal acquaintance, I knew that Jones was paying me a sincere compliment.

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