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The Barnes Bridge quadrangle, as shown on Figure 1, includes parts of Dallas, Kaufman, and Rockwall counties. It is bounded by the parallels 32° 45' and 32° 52' 30" N, and and by the meridians 96° 27' 30" and 966 35' W. The area approximates 60 square miles. Forney (population, 1300) extends into the southeastern corner of the quadrangle; Heath and Tripp are smaller settlements in Rockwall and Dallas counties respectively. U.S. Highway 80 crosses the southern part of the area. The roads in Dallas and Kaufman counties have hard surfaces except for local stretches across the floodplain of East Fork (Pl. 1; map at end of article). Many of the roads in Rockwall County, however, are unimproved and in wet weather are impassable.

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