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Little work has been done on Texan mosquitoes. In 1922 Dyar listed 43 species from Texas, 10 of which were recorded from near Dallas. Cushing (1934) listed the mosquitoes of Brazos County. McGregor & Eads (1934) in their work on the mosquitoes of Texas, divided the State into 17 approximately equal areas. They gave a total list of 54 species, of which 19 were reported from the area that included Dallas County. Fisk & LeVan (1941) published notes on the mosquitoes of Brownsville. The State Health Department of Texas published (1944) a booklet, "The Mosquitoes of Texas", which is the most complete work on the mosquitoes of the State. It included keys and descriptions, as well as ecological and distributional notes on the 75 species listed. O'Neill, Ogden, & Eyles (1944) supplemented McGregor & Eads' list with nine species. Hollingsworth (1948) listed the mosquitoes from the neighborhood of Nacogdoches.

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