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V. L. Cory

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ALLIUM Zenobiae Cory, sp. nov. Ad A. mobilense Regel spectans, robustior; bulbus bulbillos sessiles gerens; umbella grandis usque 175-flora, tepalis lavandulis 6 mm. longis. TYPE: 2½ miles southwest of Giddings, Lee Co., Texas, Cory 55759, May 6, 1949 (in Herb. Southern Methodist University). Bulb ovoid, 10 mm. broad or more, the outer coats fibrous-reticulate, usually with a few (up to 7) sessile bulblets at base; bulblets ovoid, about 8 mm. long and 5 mm. broad; umbel large, up to 6 cm. across, with up to 175 flowers; perianth segments lavender, about 6 mm. long, the outer elliptic, about 3 mm. broad, the inner oblong, about 1.5 mm. broad.

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