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Little is known of the distribution of mammals in north-central Texas. Russell's study of the mammals of Cooke County (1953) is, I believe, the only work of this sort which has been carried out in this area. During the last two years (summer of 1954 through the summer of 1956) my students and I have made regular collections of mammals from various stations in Dallas County, in an attempt to ascertain the species occurring and their relative abundance. This paper summarizes our results. It should not be considered a complete list for the county; doubtless species are present which we have neither collected nor observed. Furthermore, we did not try to make ecological or taxonomic studies of these animals. Such studies would be useful since our preliminary work leads me to believe that in this area there is intergradation between the subspecies of several different species. These studies would require, however, more specimens than are now available. My sole purpose in publishing now this list is to set a starting point for future work in ecological and taxonomic fields. All specimens are in the permanent collections of the Department of Biology of Southern Methodist University.

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