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Winkler, in his useful account of botanical investigations in Texas, states (p. 5) that Jean Louis Berlandier, a French botanist in the employ of the Mexican Government, was the first to explore Texas botanically, while connected (1828) with the Comision de Limites under General Mier y Teran. In the present writer's own published studies, this statement was repeated, since the collections of Dr. Edwin James while a member of Long's Rocky Mountain Expedition (1819-20) were made in territory not a part of the historic province of Texas, but of Chihuahua, as maps of the period will show. In the modern sense, however, it would appear a punctilio to exclude Dr. James from consideration on such grounds; and the present writer finds himself in agreement with Studhalter's contention that Berlandier is not to be considered the first botanist who worked in Texas.

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