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In 1941, the writer was advised of the opinions of T. L. Bailey, F. G. Evans, W. S. Adkins, and other geologists of the Shell Oil Company on the stratigraphic position of the uppermost Comanche shale unit recognized in the subsurface of eastern Texas. Their studies pointed to the conclusion that this unit, now known as the Maness shale, is (1) stratigraphically younger than the subsurface Del Rio (or Grayson) shale with which it usually had been correlated, and (2) conformably overlies the Buda limestone, at this date generally misidentified as the Georgetown limestone. An investigation of the controversial sequence was made, and the confirmatory lithologic and paleontologic results, based on cores from two wells, were summarized in abstract form (Lozo, 1944) and later reported by Bailey, Evans, and Adkins (1945). A manuscript prepared by the writer in 1944 indicated the desirability of gathering additional stratigraphic information, in order better to segregate vagaries, speculation, and errors or mistakes from the rather meager factual data on hand at this date. Intermittent attention to this task has been applied and many early questions have increased in scope. It is hoped that the status of the writer's investigations here reported will stimulate others toward additional study.

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