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During May and June, 1964, the Shuler Museum of Paleontology of Southern Methodist University made a preliminary geological and paleontological survey of the Middle Sulphur River within the basin of the proposed Cooper Reservoir. The work was done under the sponsorship of the National Park Service (Southwest Region). The Quaternary deposits of the basin were mapped and tentatively correlated with similar ones previously studied in the valley of the North Fork of the Sulphur River. A molluscan fauna of Late Pleistocene age and bones from sub-Recent deposits were recovered and identified. Recommendations are made for two weeks of preliminary work on the Cretaceous and Paleocene bedrock of the basin during the summer of 1965; one month of professional collecting and study of these rocks during the summer of 1966; and two months of student observation of the dam excavation for possible Quaternary bone beds, also during the summer of 1966.

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