RNA binding proteins control post-transcriptional aspects of gene regulation. While transcriptional control over the aging process has been well-established, less is known about post-transcriptional control over the aging process. We have used CRISPR/Cas9 genetics to study combinations of RNA binding proteins in C. elegan, a transparent nematode or roundworm one millimeter in length, and their role in aging. The manner in which the research was conducted was through experimental laboratory work in which the lifespan of the nematodes was monitored until their death. The three mutations affecting RNA binding proteins that assays were performed with are exc-7, fox-1, and mbl-1. We found that double mutants have stronger effects on lifespan than single mutants. Thus, RNA binding protein mutations, although separate, appeared to be functionally connected. These observations, though being considered in C. elegans, could have a substantive impact on the study of gene regulation in humans and in turn, provide insight into the human aging processes.


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