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A collection of western toads, Bufo boreas Baird and Girard, 1852, and neotenic tiger salamanders, Ambystoma tigrinum (Green) from Sheep Lake, Horseshoe Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, were examined for helminths in the spring of 1966. Oswaldo-Cruzia subauricularis (Rudolphi, 1819) was found in Bufo boreas and Ophiotaenia filarioides (LaRue, 1909) in Ambystoma tigrinum. In addition, both hosts harbored Spironoura pretiosa Ingles, 1936, Phylloclistomum bufonis Frandsen, 1957 and Cephalogonimus americanus. The last species differed greatly in appearance in the two hosts and these differences are reported herein.

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