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Health Care Law


The author introduces health care law in the state of Texas describing developments pertaining to public health, health care providers, patient issues, medical records and devices, and liability rules. Several Texas cases are examined: Baptist Memorial Hospital System v. Sampson; Van Horn v. Chambers; Attaya v. Shoukfeh; Levy v. Texas State Board of Medical Examiners; Clark v. Texas Home Health, Inc.; Austin v. Healthtrust, Inc-The Hospital Co.; Brown v. Shwarts; Dallas County Mental Health & Mental Retardation v. Bossley; Stolle v. Baylor College of Medicine; United States ex rel Riley v. St. Luke’s Episopal Hospital;and United States ex rel v. Thompson v. Columbi/HCA Healthcare Corp.

Although the focus of this Survey is developments in Texas law, a few federal developments important to health care providers and health law practitioners are also briefly discussed.

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SMU Law Review

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