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1. бабалар / Предки / Ancestors (Prelude)

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Winter 2-21-2020


The Kazan Suite is a ten-movement suite for solo 'cello written by the composer in honor of his hosts during a planned trip to Kazan, Tatarstan, Russian Federation. The trip had been planned for March 2020, but was interrupted due to the global pandemic. Yet, the work was completed ahead of the visit. The work reflects natural and humanistic ideals (Ancestors, Rivers, History, Meditations, the City, Folklore, the Imagination, Community, Mysticism, Nature).

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Musical Score; 'Cello Suite


Composition | Music

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Kazan Suite



Kazan_Suite 2a (1).pdf (588 kB)
2. Елгалар / реки / The Rivers

Kazan_Suite 3a (1).pdf (540 kB)
3. тарих / история / History

Kazan_Suite 4 (2).pdf (181 kB)
4. медитацияләр / медитации / Meditations

Kazan_Suite 5a (1).pdf (202 kB)
5. шәһәр / город / The City

Kazan_Suite 6f.pdf (164 kB)
6. фольклор / Folklore

Kazan_Suite 7f (1).pdf (244 kB)
7. хиял / воображение / The Imagination

Kazan_Suite 8f (1).pdf (469 kB)
8. Берләшмә / сообщество / Community

Kazan_Suite 9f (1).pdf (151 kB)
9. мистицизм / Mysticism

Kazan_Suite 10f (1).pdf (347 kB)
10. табигать / природа / Nature

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