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for Violin and Piano

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Winter 2-15-2014


Part 1 of planned 3-part violin and piano sonata modeled after Dante's "Divina Commedia." Part 1 "Inferno" is a wild modernist adventure for violin and piano, echoing the terrors of inferno. As the piece is incredibly virtuosic, the composer allows for variation, adaptation, and some minor changes if necessary for performers to execute the piece, as faithfully as they can. The work was written in honor of two superb musicians, who by random chance, the composer met or had connections with separately, before realizing the violinist (Mr. Kerr) and the pianist (Mr. Wallace) actually met and went to school together at the Curtis Institute in the early 1990s. The tempo for the piece should be "con moto" toward the faster side, but still "playable."

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Musical Score; Experimental Music; Modernist Music; Violin; Piano; Violin and Piano Sonata; Dante Music; Inferno in Music; Divine Comedy; Divina Commedia;


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Divina Commedia Sonata