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Dr. Owen Lynch

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My research examined how diversity policies are manipulated to maintain the exclusionary status practiced in Greek organizations. The recent incident on University of Alabama's campus grabbed the national media's attention and focused the dialogue on discrimination of minorities. Even though diversity is formally celebrated, whether it is in th workplace or college campuses, I argue that the goal of these policies - which is to promote a diverse environment in evry level of our society, is lost. This paper is based on an ethnographic study of my participation as a minority in the recruitment process to join a sorority at SMU. My observations are informed and analyzed through; a standpoint theory frame and Weick's notion of retrospective sense-making. Based on this observation and analysis I argue that the mere existence of having diversity policies in place is not sufficient. That the latter of the policy can be followed without the intention of these policies being achieved. As the world changes rapidly, we need to understand the dynamics behind the proper diversity badly not only provide the pretense of equal access but also leave those in the minority feeling angered and frustrated.

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Engaged Learning 2014


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