Daniel Ray Martinez

Streaming Media


My work is a combination of videos, objects, and performances with a multidisciplinary practice that engages with the formal language of sculpture, photography, video/cinema, and drawing while being in dialogue with concepts and concerns about the image, the surface, and the space of representation. I am interested in the poetics and phenomenology of life; and the way one interacts in an environment; and the way digital/virtual media has shifted our experiences in life. Rethinking the way one finds boredom to get away from virtual capitalist spaces is a concern for me. I find inspiration in the wandering through spaces. I find the rural and modern city landscapes as a space to contemplate. I try to be socially and politically aware of the way the work functions, sexaulity colors my politics, the space of queering is something I side with, looking always to find that other space between things. The camera is used as tool, as an extension of my body to make experiences material and to reflect and question them, the projector becomes the light to which I draw on objects and surfaces to mediate a different experience. There is a homespun aesthetic to the work, embracing the imperfect and ametuer hand, I use material that is available around me. The videos lean to the abstract, they live in a dream like poetic state, while the objects are handmade or found. Both videos and objects involve participation either by engaging the viewer in an installation or an interactive way, I am interested in the haptic and sensual experience between the viewer and the work.

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Spring 5-20-2017

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Noah Simblist

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Lauren Woods

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Michael Morris

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