SMU Scholar FAQ

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What is a digital repository?

Why should I submit my work to SMU Scholar?

Who is supporting SMU’s digital repository effort?

What other institutions are using Digital Commons?

Whom do I contact for more information?


Who will determine what goes into SMU Scholar?

What type of files can be presented in SMU Scholar?

Can e-journals be hosted by SMU Scholar?

Can conference agendas be placed in the repository?

How does SMU make sure that inappropriate content is not uploaded?


Am I “publishing” my work if I put it in SMU Scholar?

Will I be able to publish my research later (say, in a journal) if I put a copy of it in SMU Scholar?

Can I post a reprint from a journal?

What information, or metadata, is needed for files to be uploaded?

How do I submit materials to SMU Scholar?

What if I have materials that need to be digitized?

Can I withdraw my content from the Digital Repository?


Can I store Data and Data Sets in SMU Scholar?

Are there any restrictions on the data that can be submitted into SMU Scholar?

What needs to be included with the data?


Is it possible to monitor usage of digital content?

Who is responsible if the repository web site crashes?

What if SMU moves to another platform? Can we get our data back?

What if I have other kinds of hosting needs, like storing raw data?