Thesis/thesis document 2 explores the subversive power of the painted image, made by a physical performative act. Such acts are not confined to the production of the art object, but expand across the landscape, involving the minds, bodies, and things of culture adjacent to the making process. Following the thinking of Maurice-Merleau Ponty, Thesis/thesis document 2 understands painting not as the container of a finite, legible message, but as a physical platform for the conveyance of perceptual, personal, and experiential ambiguity. Made in this way, painted images offer a powerful alternative to the proliferation of propaganda and advertisement in the visual landscape. Through an analysis of the philosophical concept of consciousness and a study of the history of Cubism, the physical nature of the painting process emerges as a tool of visceral strength.

Degree Date

Spring 2019

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Division of Art


Barnaby Fitzgerald

Second Advisor

Eileen Maxson

Third Advisor

Lauren Woods

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Art, Philosophy

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