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Art History/Criticism/Conservation


Currently owned by the Bridwell Library at Southern Methodist University, an eighteenth-century profession object, the Clarissine Manuscript, offers insight into the inner workings of the cloistered Convent of Santa Clara in Palma, Mallorca. This thesis serves to outline and provide all available information about this object while analyzing such information and offering avenues for future research. By looking back through history and tracking the narrative of Saint of Clare of Assisi’s formation of the Poor Clares order, we are able to understand this object in a new way.

An understudied object, the Clarissine Manuscript depicts eighteen saints and martyrs bordering text, which this thesis will explore visually through an iconographic approach to identify these unknown figures. By analyzing the dissemination of the artist style of the Rococo, I hope to illuminate the significance of viewing profession objects, such as this, as works of art formed by the reciprocity of Christianity and aesthetics at this time in history.

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Summer 8-2022

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Art History


Dr. Adam Jasienski

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Dr. Amy Freund

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Dr. Randall Griffin

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