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Among the many sections of Dallas, SMU's campus is definitely one of the safest. Many contributing reasons for this include the active police force and campus security. Besides the manpower, the campus has a safe feel due to the many other precautions that the school has taken. An example of these precautions is the emergency text messaging and email system, which allows for the quick spread of vital information. In the wake of the tragic Virginia Tech shooting, SMU took a strong step toward protecting its students and faculty with this system. The effect of this system could be felt at local Dallas high schools where danger is still quite a possibility. Most high school students have or have access to cell phones and computers during the day. During an emergency situation they could be alerted of a threat quickly and silently. While the full details of the current system used by SMU are not known to us, we believe that high schools would be able to go through the same process of registering numbers and emails to allow the messages the broadest reach possible. These alerts could also be used to provide information during dangerous weather or other such situations.

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