Bridges become susceptible to deterioration and damage as they age and are subjected to continually increasing demands. Bridge inspections help insure the integrity and safety for service and are conducted on a regular, but usually infrequency, basis. Traditional evaluation methods include visual inspections and permanent sensor installations. Visual inspections are both time and labor intensive and often require bridge closure or service interruption, while cost and logistics complications often prevent practical, widespread deployment of permanent sensor installations. Sensors, including smartphones, in moving vehicles may be used to monitor bridge condition over time and provide valuable insight into the dynamic behavior of bridges. This dissertation investigates the mechanics of vehicle-bridge systems and proposes methodologies to leverage data from fleets of vehicles to make crowdsourced estimations of bridge fundamental frequencies. For observed changes in bridge frequency, damage characterization and remaining life estimation methodologies are presented to provide bridge stakeholders with targeted, actionable information.

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Spring 2023

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Civil and Environmental Engineering


Brett Story

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Civil Engineering

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