The Doctor of Engineering praxis presented in this paper focuses on addressing the challenges of limited and expensive Systems Security Resources (SSRs) in networks. Traditional Risk Assessments (RAs) identify threats & vulnerabilities but fail to provide a strategic placement of those Resources to effectively mitigate the Risks. This research proposes a NEW method for the strategic placement of SSRs by analyzing Dominator Paths and Evaluating the Network. Moreover, Current RAs are limited in scope, completed in isolation, and do not consider consistent flow or simultaneous multiple threats, which can lead to significant problems if not addressed. By incorporating these considerations into the analysis, this approach provides a more comprehensive solution for network security status & assessments. The proposed method fills a gap in current risk assessment practices and offers practical guidance for the effective placement of critical resources to improve systems security.

Degree Date

Spring 5-13-2023

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Computer Science and Engineering


Dr Suku Nair

Second Advisor

Dr Leo Popokh

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Computer Science

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