This work investigates the development and use of a wireless wearable system for the assessment of gait. The system proposed consists of a sensor module that is attached to the foot. The sensor proposed is an inertial measurement unit, often abbreviated as IMU - a 9-axis System in Package (SiP) including a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope, and a 3-axis magnetometer, as well as a fusion engine for signal processing. While the focus of this work is on evaluating gait metrics, the performance of the proposed IMU in evaluating orientation is quantified. In doing this work, we try to address the issue of cost. While inertial-based wearable(s) are typically cheaper than optical-based measurement systems, they are still relatively expensive ranging from $3500-$11000 depending on the number of modules and manufacturer. In this work, I use an off-the-shelf commercial IMU unit that costs $10, a wireless IoT chip that costs $10, and a Li-Ion battery that costs $7 for a total of $27 for one wireless sensor module.

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Summer 2020

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Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Paul Krueger

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Mechanical Engineering

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