Min Jun Kim, Louis William Rogowski, Ali Beskok, Edmond Richer, Paul Krueger, Pia Vogel


Microscale manipulation has very promising potential in medical applications such as drug delivery, minimal and invasion surgery. Contactless control is preferable as remote manipulation is necessary for in vivo applications. Among different control methods, magnetic power source is more suitable and robust for the applications mentioned above. Presented here is a magnetic tweezer system, which manipulates microscale magnetic particles using magnetic forces created by magnetic field gradient. The proposed system has three advantages: First, force applied by the magnetic tweezer system does not contact with the target object and can be generated in different directions. Second, the magnetic tweezer system can apply strong force to accomplish more operations like cell penetration. Third, magnetic forces can be applied specifically to the magnetic particles as most biological materials are free from magnetic influence. The design, development, simulation, and experiment demonstration are presented, and future work combined with haptics for teleoperation is illustrated, which will be very promising for remote surgery and drug delivery applications. The system introduced in this dissertation is able to achieve a magnetic gradient field as high as 0.8 T/m and capable of exciting micromanipulation with open/closed loop control in 2D/3D. The integration with haptic interface also allows the magnetic tweezer system to perform more micromanipulation tasks such as dynamic path planning and object transportation through real-time teleoperation.

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Spring 5-15-2021

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Mechanical Engineering


Min Jun Kim

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Mechanical Engineering

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