This dissertation presents the design, kinematic analysis, and nonlinear control of a Haptic Glove for medical elastographic imaging virtual palpation. Of the 13 degrees of freedom present in the index finger, middle finger, and thumb of the hand, the design fixes 4, constrains 2 and controls 6 with pneumatic air cylinder actuators, allowing uncontrolled, but measured motion in the remaining 1 degree of freedom. Nearly linear bijective transfer functions between the actuator positions and joint angles are found in closed form for all 6 actuated joints. A nonlinear, sliding-mode controller that allows each actuator to be controlled by a single 5/3 proportional valve is designed and implemented. Test results for typical palpation motions are presented and discussed.

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Spring 5-14-2022

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Mechanical Engineering


Edmond Richer

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Yildirim Hurmuzlu

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Ali Beskok

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Nicos Makris

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Benno Rumpf

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Mechanical Engineering

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