The focus of robotics recently is in automated navigation. It seems that the engineering community has accepted that the discovery of all means of locomotion has been concluded with quad-copters and other similar drones. However, Inertially Actuated Jumping Robots provide a promising new means of locomotion.

The difficulty of IAJR is the hybrid nature of the ground contact/flying dynamics. This combined with the complexity of 3-dimensional translation, can make IAJR very complex. In this paper, a Nonlinear Feedback Linearization controller is introduced to provide controllability in this complexity. The controller design is based on invariant sets. By reducing the divergence from the invariant set, a greater response can be achieved. Within the available power of Kashki's Basketball Robot, the controller in this paper was able to achieve the greatest response to date for the Basketball Robot at a maximum jump height of 0.25 meters. Further simulation shows that without restricting physically or electrically available power, the robot can achieve a jump height of 0.6 meters!

The design paradigm used on the basketball robot was extend to a tapping robot. The tapping robot achieved a stable average forward velocity of 0.0773 meters/second in simulation and 0.157 meters/second in experimentation.

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Spring 5-19-2018

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Mechanical Engineering


Yildirim Hurmuzlu

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Mechanical Engineering

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