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Labor Relations Law: Cases and Materials (14th edition)

Labor Relations Law: Cases and Materials (14th edition)


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This comprehensive casebook is designed for an intensive examination of the union-management relationship throughout its major phases. Largely tracking the organization of the National Labor Relations Act, it covers the right of employees to join together for organizational purposes, the regulation of the union-organizing process including the use of economic weapons, the development of bargaining relationships, the negotiation and enforcement of collective agreements, and, more briefly, the law governing internal union affairs. The text responds generously to the most significant current developments in the field, while simultaneously providing a set of materials that will be truly manageable in the usual three- or four-hour courses.

The fourteenth edition also includes over sixty new hypothetical problems designed to test students’ knowledge of existing doctrines and push them to explore issues that don’t appear to have ready answers. As with previous editions, the book will be supplemented with a comprehensive teacher’s manual and a biennial supplement to keep the book up-to-date.

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Labor Relations Law: Cases and Materials (14th edition)