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Family Law Simulations

Family Law Simulations


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Jessica Dixon Weaver: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6960-1459


" Family Law Simulations offers versatile, in-depth simulations for an experiential learning, drafting, or lawyering skills course, and can also supplement a traditional family law course. Contemporary fact patterns present students with “bread and butter” lawyering tasks on behalf of a diverse set of clients. Students will interview clients, draft pleadings, conduct discovery, argue motions, negotiate, and mediate. The book further develops a sustained knowledge of the governing ethical rules and explores the interdisciplinary nature of family law and its intersections with other legal specializations. Family Law Simulations is also a uniquely specialized text that focuses on developing cultural competency for lawyers, cultivating a strong professional identity, and honing communication skills with clients. Several fact patterns continue throughout the book to allow students to experience the arc of a family law case. Students represent clients in different states, applying actual family statutes, supplemented by practice guidance materials and independent research. This multifaceted text meets the varied and complex needs of modern family law classrooms."

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Family Law Simulations