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Gender Law and Policy (4th Edition)

Gender Law and Policy (4th Edition)


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Joanna L. Grossman: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5234-8058


Gender Law and Policy, Fourth Edition, provides the theoretical frameworks, legal cases, and policy background necessary for analyzing a broad range of gender issues in the law. It is an ideal text for undergraduate courses in Women’s Studies, Political Science, and other fields focusing on gender law and policy, including Women and the Law and Gender Law and Policy. This text features lucid introductions in each chapter that illuminate the issues significant to each topic, alternative theoretical perspectives that facilitate open-minded problem-solving, and incisive commentary by leading scholars and policymakers. Timely coverage of foundational and cutting-edge issues includes constitutional law, employment law, Title IX and education (including sports), family law, sexual harassment, sexual violence, pornography, prostitution, global trafficking, LGBT issues, and women’s sexual and reproductive health.

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Gender Law and Policy (4th Edition)