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The genus Russelia of the Scrophulariaceae, important for its ornamentals, has been neglected by taxonomists. Under a few long established names of misinterpreted groups, many undescribed species have been pigeonholed. In view of the apparent lack of interest in the genus, collectors have not given justified attention to the plants. Since herbarium material necessary for the preparation of a revision of the genus is not accessible, it is desirable to publish descriptions of the new entities at hand in order to stimulate the interest of field botanists. Ten new species and one new variety of Russelia are proposed. Included with these are fourteen novelties in other families in the genera Struthanthus, Neea, Astragalus, Mabea, flex, Rhacoma, Souroubea, Casearia, Doliocarpus, Saurauia, Eugenia, Ardisia, Randia, and Apodanthera. Two species are transferred from the genus Mahonia to Berberis, one species of Gilibertia is referred to the genus Dendropanax, and two sub­species of Phlox are raised to specific rank.

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