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Rocks and Rivers, by Ellis W. Shuler: A book written from the cultural and popular, rather than from the "scholarly" point of view; yet Rocks And Rivers will be found highly readable by both scientist and layman because of its perfect blending of scientific accuracy and detail and its down-to-earth language. It is richly illustrated with photographs of all types of geological formations­ gathered from almost every State in the Nation. Horticulture and Horticulturists in Early Texas, by Samuel Wood Geiser: An historical account of scientific horticulture in Texas, 1830-1930. It consists of two parts. Part I, "Horticulture" (seven chapters), deals with Fruit Culture in Texas, 1830- 1850; Census Returns for Fruit Crops in Texas, 1850-1930; Indigenous Fruits of Texas; Texas Horticultural Societies, 1870-1896; Early Texas Horticultural Journals; Bibliography. Part II, "Horticulturists," gives thumb-nail biographical sketches of 165 Texas Horticulturists who originated or introduced new horticultural varieties, or published papers on horticultural discovery and practice in Texas.

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