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All species of Callirhoe known in the United States occur in Texas except C. triangulata. This statement is, of course, dependent on species concept. Callirhoe Bushii, perhaps better treated as a variety of another species, is also not known from Texas. The species C. triangulata has been reported from Texas, but all such material seen by me is referable to C. alcaeoides, since they have the lower leaves only crenate or dentate, rather than lobed or parted as is usual. Sheets of C. triangulata from the Gray Herbarium show Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri and Alabama as the western limit of that species' range. Dr. Woodson tells me that the Missouri Botanical Garden has no material from any place west of Illinois. The new edition of Gray's Manual gives the range as "Ala. to Tex." Presumably the inclusion of Texas in the range is based on published reports. In any event, I have seen no herbarium material to substantiate this statement, and so drop this species from the flora of Texas.

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