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The musculature of the pelvis and hind-limb of salamanders as a group has received but little attention (Francis, 1934). The myology of Necturus has been studied even less than in certain other genera. It is true that many standard manuals of comparative anatomy list certain of the muscles of Necturus, but the descriptions made and names used in many cases are so variable as to be of little value. Mivart (1869) dissected one specimen of Necturus and sketchily presented his findings. Wilder (1908, esp. 1912, and 1923) did especially valuable work on the limb-muscles of Necturus; his descriptions will be referred to many times. Francis (1934) tabulated the various synonyms for and described each of the muscles of Salamandra. I have adopted his terminology for this report on the musculature of the pelvis of Necturus.

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