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Published distributional and ecological data on the fresh-water sponges of Texas are meager. Besides Marcus Old's (1936) report on sponges collected by us the only other published report for this region is a description of Asteromyenia plumosa by Weltner (1895) from McKinney, Collin County, Texas. Dr. Old reported Spongilla fragilis from a small pond 1½ miles west of Dallas, and from Parson's Slough near Seagoville in Dallas County; Trochospongilla horrida from Elm Fork of the Trinity River, Dallas County; Asteromyenia plumosa from White Rock Lake, Dallas; and Ephydatia crateriformis from the East Fork of the Trinity River in Rockwall County. The Southwest presents an environmental situation quite different from that in the northern and eastern sections of the United States. These sectional differences are shown in the physical appearance, growth and gemmule production of fresh-water sponges. We report here data collected by us from 1932 to 1952. A taxonomic key to the six species found near Dallas is also presented. We are indebted to Professor Marcus Old of Ursinus College for verifying or correcting our identifications.

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