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On the ants of any particular area of Texas, virtually no papers have been published, which attempt to examine the relationships of the species to certain ecological factors. The main reasons for this, perhaps, have been the absorption of our myrmecologists in adequate identification and description of the American forms, and the difficulties involved therein. In the past few years, the foundations of our taxonomic entities have been strengthened, and such studies have come to be more appreciated. This paper deals with the ants of Dallas County, Texas, and their nesting sites, with special reference to soil as an ecological factor. More specifically, its purpose is to establish: (a) which ant-species occupy which nesting sites in each of the four strata utilized by ants; (b) which soil-nesting ants tenant which Dallas County soil types (determining, if possible, apparent soil preferences of the ants) ; (c) to give a guide to the ants of Dallas County with keys, distributional records, my own observations, and those of other more advanced workers. I include under the species-notes many observations by other myrmecologists, in the hope that thereby the non-specialist on ants will gain a much more vivid picture of the activities of these astounding social insects.

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