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In the last twenty years, very little detailed stratigraphy of this area has been published. Meanwhile there have been significant advances in this field: the aims of modern stratigraphic research have been somewhat clarified; much new information pertinent to the stratigraphy of this area has been accumulated from the study of other areas; and a considerable amount of detailed information on the surface and subsurface geology of this area has come to light as a result of detailed outcrop work, extensive drilling of oil tests and water wells, and new techniques of bore-hole logging. The scope of this work is mainly the study of beds located near the Lower-Upper Cretaceous boundary, from the Lower Washita to the base of the Austin chalk. This includes very detailed investigations of the Upper Washita beds and the Woodbine and Eagle Ford groups. The lithologic division and the fossil zonation of these strata are outlined, isopach and boundary maps of the various units presented, and the outcrop is tied into the subsurface. It is hoped that these results throw light on the division, definition, zonation, and stratigraphic behavior of both the Woodbine and the Eagle Ford in this area.

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