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Volcanic eruptions can cause significant socioeconomic loss, but a better understanding of the processes and dynamics influencing the evolution of volcanic plumbing systems will advance the development of eruption forecasting models that will ultimately mitigate hazards and risks associated with eruptive events. Geologic and geophysical data must be integrated in 3D, finite- element, multiphysical, numerical models to define the coupled evolution of magmatic and crustal stress regimes in volcanic environments, but in data limited regions this is not always an option. The remote nature of the Aleutian Island Arc restricts ground-based monitoring and sampling efforts, and due to sparse temporal and spatial coverage of geophysical data, volcanic activity is often unreported. In this study I initially focus on creating preliminary models for previously unidentified, non-eruptive, inflation events at two such data limited locations, Akutan and Semisopochnoi Volcanoes. After investigating the effect of noise, error, and bias in data processing and modeling techniques I focus on developing a 3D, multiphysical, finite-element, numerical model for the 2008 eruption of Okmok Volcano, in order to construct the first co- eruptive, interdisciplinary model that integrates GPS, InSAR, seismic, and petrologic datasets.

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Spring 2020

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Earth Sciences


Zhong Lu

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Crayton Yapp

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Heather DeShon

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Rita Economos

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Helene Le Mevel

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okmok.xlsx (48 kB)
Notes, references, data, and models compiled for Okmok Volcano

grdViscosity_okmok.xls (457 kB)
Viscosity calculations described in Chapter 8 from Okmok melt inclusion data published by Zimmer et al. [2010] using equations derived by Girodano et al. [2008]

aleutian_geochem_data_okmok.xls (364 kB)
Data published by Zimmer et al. [2010]