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This dissertation consists of three empirical essays that focus on the intersection of management, gender issues and education. I am interested in finding policy interventions that promote healthy, efficient and more inclusive workplaces. To do so, I study the micro and behavioral aspects of labor markets using different methodologies. In Chapters 1 and 2, I study two key features in management, namely mentorship and leadership. Both have an economic impact on individual employee outcomes as well as organizational performance. I examine advice giving in mentoring relations in my job market paper and leadership decisions, performance and styles of men and women managers in another study. Chapter 3 focuses on issues in education. Choice of major affects career outcomes and income trajectories. Women are less likely than men to major in quantitatively heavy fields like STEM or economics. I examine if attitudes of women towards choice of economics as a major are affected by the kind of information they receive and, in the process, understand their preferences. The leitmotif of this dissertation is understanding and mitigating gender gaps.

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Summer 8-4-2020

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Tim Salmon

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Danila Serra

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Omer Ozak

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Elira Kuka

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Nate Pattison

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