Introduction: Remembered affect is associated with future exercise behavior. Research suggests that trait mindfulness is associated with better emotion regulation, more positive affective memory of negative stimuli, and less rumination. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the relation between trait mindfulness and remembered affect of an exercise bout. Methods: Undergraduate students from Southern Methodist University (N=94) completed baseline measures of trait mindfulness and physical activity, a 15-minute vigorous-intensity exercise bout, and post-exercise measure (remembered affect at 15 minutes post exercise session, 1-2 days post, and 1-week post). Multilevel modeling was used to test the association with remembered affect and linear regression was used to test the association with affective response during exercise. Results: Trait mindfulness was significantly associated with remembered affect (b = 21.28, SE = 7.66, p b =.69, t(93) = 2.08, p = .04). When neuroticism was included in the models (Aim 4), trait mindfulness no longer predicted remembered affect (replication of Aim 1 and Aim 2b) or during exercise affective response (replication of Aim 3). Conclusion: These findings suggest that the overlap between trait mindfulness and neuroticism are associated with remembered affect and supports the research on an affective response to physical activity as a phenotype.

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Winter 12-19-2020

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