Submit Your Research

You have two options for uploading your materials to the SMU Digital Repository.

Option 1 - Submitting via the repository site:

Locate your department in the list (Submit to a Research Unit, Center, or Department) and click the hyperlink. You will be asked to create a user profile and to enter some information about your work. The entire process can take less than five minutes. If your department is not listed, we recommend that you use Option 2. Also, some publications do not allow authors to submit directly. In these cases, clicking the hyperlink will provide you with a mail form to contact the appropriate administrator for further instruction.

Enter your name and institutional affiliation (e.g., "Southern Methodist University") and create a password to set up your profile. You will then be asked to agree to the Digital Repository submission agreement and content release form. After you check the box you will be taken to a document submission form.

Please note that there are only four fields which require input from you: Title (of the work), Authors (your name and those of any co-authors), Publication Date, and Upload File (at the bottom of the screen, where you may upload your document to the site). You can safely ignore the other fields, although you may certainly complete them if you wish.

That is all you need to do! You can then revise your submission or make another submission at any time. Please note that your work will not be immediately available through the public site. Submissions are processed as they are received, and are typically posted to the Digital Repository within one or two weeks.

Option 2 - Submitting via email or in person:

You may submit your research or other documents directly to Digital Repository staff at the following link. You may choose to send your document as an email attachment or provide a link to the file if it is hosted on a publicly accessible web server. If you have document files on physical media (CDs, DVDs, or flash drives), please contact us about having these items picked up or about dropping them off at the Fondren Library Center. Submissions are processed as they are received, and are typically posted to the Digital Repository within one or two weeks of acquisition. Please note that we cannot post your materials in the repository until we have received a signed copy of our content release form.

In addition to the document file, please include some basic information about your work:

  • Authors: Are there any co-authors for this work, or did anybody (or any group) contribute significantly to its creation?
  • Date: When did you create the work?
  • Subject: Do you wish any keywords or formal subject headings to be associated with the work?
  • Source: If the work has been previously published, where was it published?

You may choose to send this information (and any other information you think may be useful) using the Document Information Form. We recommend that you complete this form and submit it along with the Content Release Form and your document files.

Don't see your department listed (Submit to a Research Unit, Center, or Department)? Please let us know the department, center, or office with which you are affiliated and we will add it to our list. If your materials are not in a digital format (i.e., paper, film, etc.) please contact repository staff for assistance.