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The topic of my study is Latinos’ attitudes and experiences with the criminal justice system in an emerging Latino area. There is an extensive amount of research on African Americans’ experiences and views of the criminal justice system yet our knowledge of Latinos’ experiences with the criminal justice system is quite scant. Still, a few studies have provided some foundation for our understanding of this topic. We know that immigrant policing is associated with Latinos’ reduced trust in government agencies and its programs (Cruz Nichols et al. 2018a). Restrictive immigration policies negatively impact Latinos’ physical and mental health (Cruz Nichols et al. 2018b). We know that fear of deportations is negatively associated with Latinas’ perceptions that the justice system is fair and negatively related with their likelihood to report violent crimes (Messing et al. 2015). We also know that immigrant Latinos with greater fear of deportation are less likely to report crimes to police, are less likely to feel that police treat Latinos fairly and have confidence that they will not use excessive force (Becerra et al. 2016).

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criminal justice system, criminal justice, criminal justice for Latinos


Civil Rights and Discrimination | Criminal Law | Criminal Procedure | Law and Race


SMU Tower Center and Latino Center for Leadership and Development