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Professor Dorothy Roberts is a legacy builder and an inspiration for women, African American scholars, youth, and ordinary folks who want to make a difference in the lives of others. Her work in the field of family, race, and gender law is nothing short of prolific. She is a powerhouse whose research and advocacy reach across law into the fields of Africana studies, sociology, anthropology, medicine, psychology, political science, business, economics, and human rights. She is one of the first female professors to unpack how the law interfaces with Black women in various roles—as mother, wife, partner, daughter, caretaker, worker, and individual. Blatantly calling out the racist regimes behind a multitude of systems policing and regulating poor families in America, Professor Roberts boldly challenges the dominant voices in legal academia, particularly in critical feminist areas. This tribute honors a living legend and the various ways that her books and articles shape the legal landscape regarding the ideals of freedom and equality.

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Family Law Quarterly

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Dorothy E. Roberts

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