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Contribution to The Draft UNCITRAL Digest and Beyond Cases, Analysis and Unresolved Issues in the U.N. Sales Convention


“The Draft UNCITRAL Digest and Beyond” is one of the most useful single volumes available on the CISG. It includes the full text of the draft “UNCITRAL Digest” which catalogues the cases and arbitral awards to date that have interpreted and applied the CISG on an article by article basis. “The Digest and Beyond” includes also commentary by eminent CISG scholars that addresses issues not yet considered in the cases.

With more than 1000 decisions applying the CISG in courts and arbitral tribunals around the world, the UNCITRAL Secretariat charged five CISG experts from a variety of regions with the task of creating a digest of CISG case law.

“The Digest and Beyond” includes the draft “UNCITRAL Digest”, even before it is released officially by UNCITRAL. It also goes where the authors of the Digest were not allowed to go, given the narrow mandate within which the drafters were asked to work.

Its chapters build upon the work of the “UNCITRAL Digest”. The Digest describes the reasoning and results of existing CISG cases; in “The Digest and Beyond”, the Digest authors analyze those cases, and discuss issues that have not yet arisen in the case law. Thus, in many ways, “The Digest and Beyond” provides scholarship that can direct future cases in areas that have not yet been considered by courts and arbitrators as well as in areas in which contradictory court decisions exist.

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The Draft UNCITRAL Digest and Beyond: Cases, Analysis and Unresolved Issues in the U.N. Sales Convention

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