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This paper is the Introductory chapter to Insider Trading (PLI 2d ed. 2006). Insider Trading is a two-volume treatise that analyzes the application of various laws to stock market insider trading and tipping. Among the federal laws are Exchange Act section 10(b), SEC rule 10b-5, mail/wire fraud, SEC rule 14e-3, Exchange Act section 16, and Securities Act section 17(a). The state laws discussed are the common law, the Uniform Securities Act, and the California and New York securities statutes.

Another chapter addresses government enforcement of the insider trading/tipping prohibitions. A chapter on compliance programs deals with how firms can try to prevent illegal insider trading and tipping. Two chapters compare the harmful and allegedly beneficial effects of stock market insider trading and discuss the harm to individual investors from each specific insider trade.

Publication Title

Insider Trading

Document Type

Book Chapter


insider trading, insider tipping, inside information, selective disclosure, material nonpublic information, material non-public information, Regulation FD, Regulation Fair Disclosure, 10b5-1, 10b5-2, 10b-5, 10(b), securities fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission



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