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In Reimagining Equality: Stories of Gender, Race, and Finding Home, author Anita Hill explores some of the literal and figurative meanings of "home," focusing specifically on African-American women in their quest for home. Hill layers discussions of law, literature, and culture with stories of individual women, both historic and contemporary. In Reimagining Equality, Hill takes on a topic clearly distinct from the Clarence Thomas Senate confirmation hearings, the episode for which she is best known. Her work here is, nonetheless, evocative of her struggle in those hearings, because the book addresses the interrelation between gender, race, place, space, and power. Taking up the baton of spatiality, Reimagining Equality brings to "represented space," or central focus, a topic that is often in the "space-off," or margin: black women's struggles to find home.

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Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice

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Book Review

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